Anticancer: Foods to Avoid

by Penny Hammond on February 27, 2011

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Anticancer, A New Way of Life has sold over 1 million copies, in its first edition in 2007 and second edition in 2009. Written by a clinical professor of psychiatry, it gives a holistic approach to a healthy life, aiming to protect against the cancer cells that all of us have in our bodies. Along with food recommendations, it discusses mind/meditation and environmental factors such as household cleaners, toiletries, and cooking and storage utensils. It suggests that perhaps much-feared genes linked to cancer are not, in the end, “cancer genes” at all, but rather “fast-food-intolerant genes.”

Here’s what it says in regard to foods you shouldn’t eat:

The body is a “terrain” where cancers are grown or fought. Our chances of fighting cancer are increased when the immune system is strong (which can be helped by anti-inflammatory foods), there is minimal inflammation, and blood vessels to cancer cells are disrupted.

Changes in farming, especially grain feeding animals, have led to an imbalance of omega-6 fatty acids over omega-3, which aggravates inflammation. The book argues that this is the dietary balance that has changed the most in the last fifty years, causing health problems.

Reduce foods that aggravate inflammation:

• Foods with a high glycemic index (sugar, white flour, HFCS, white rice, etc.)
• Margarine; hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated (trans fat) oils
• Sunflower, soy, and corn oil, and other oils rich in omega-6
• Conventional dairy products from industrially raised livestock
• Fried food, chips, fried appetizers
• Nonorganic red meats and eggs

Reduce exposure to toxic chemicals:

• Nonorganic dairy, meat and eggs, as above
• Skins of nonorganic fruits and vegetables (since pesticides cling to their skin) – particularly apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, grapes, peppers, celery, green beans, potatoes, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, squash, and pumpkin
• Foods with phosphates – meat and processed pork products (with preservatives), certain processed cheeses (particularly cheese spreads), processed pastries (the ones from the supermarket rather than the neighborhood bakery), almost all sodas (colas and other fizzy, sweet drinks), fruit syrups, food prepared with evaporated milk (including processed ice creams), and ready-made processed food (frozen pizza and frozen fish sticks in particular)
• Food and liquids that have been heated in plastic containers – avoid, whenever possible, all foods from cans containing BPA

For more information on why to avoid these foods, which foods to eat instead, and lifestyle guidance, see:
Anticancer, A New Way of Life, New Edition Anticancer, A New Way of Life, New Edition.
Kindle: Anticancer, A New Way of Life, New Edition (Kindle)

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