Food choice reasons

Choosing Foods Depending On Where You’re Eating

September 23, 2009 Food choice reasons

Sometimes you can be really picky and only eat certain foods that exactly meet your needs. Other times you might be willing to be less stringent in order to avoid going hungry, or to avoid spending an excessive amount of time checking every single detail about your food source. There are people who will follow […]

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Foods Contaminating Other Foods

September 12, 2009 Food choice reasons

For someone with an allergy, avoiding a tiny piece of food may be a matter of life or death. If your cookie has a small piece of peanut in it from the previous batch, and you’re allergic to peanuts, it could cause anaphylactic shock and potentially death. It’s really obvious why some people should avoid […]

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Timing – When to Eat Foods

September 6, 2009 Food choice reasons

Some people will only eat certain types of food at certain times of the day; others will wait a prescribed amount of time between eating one type of food and another; and some people will eat or avoid foods on particular days of the week, times of the year, or holidays, or their eating habits […]

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Food Combinations

September 1, 2009 Food choice reasons

We might make food combination choices for reasons of health, or beliefs, or taste. In the Middle Ages in Western Europe, it was normal to put fruits and sweet spices into meat dishes. This is still true in some North African and Chinese cuisines, but doesn’t happen so often any more in Western cuisines. We […]

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People’s Personal Preferences

August 24, 2009 Food choice reasons

There are recipe books for diabetics, and for people on low fat diets. Manufactured foods are produced for the gluten-intolerant and for people who want low-carb diets. Restaurants offer vegetarian options. It’s easy to put labels on people and put them into baskets for food preferences. But reality isn’t that simple. A person on a […]

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Multiple Reasons for Food Choices

August 21, 2009 Food choice reasons

Some food choices may be made for multiple reasons, or reasons that don’t fit into simple categories. Most people in the West won’t eat dogs. Is this for philosophical or psychological reasons? Dogs are our friends, so we should not eat them – philosophical / beliefs. Yeuch, how could anyone eat a dog? – psychological […]

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Philosophical / Belief System Reasons for Food Choices

August 19, 2009 Food choice reasons

Some people choose and avoid foods based on their belief system. Formal beliefs include religions; informal philosophies include vegetarianism and other moral reasons for choices. Vegetarianism has been around for thousands of years; Buddha and Pythagoras were avoiding meat 2 1/2 thousands years ago. It’s a philosophy that comes in and out of popularity. Nowadays […]

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Psychological / Gut Feeling Reasons for Food Choices

August 17, 2009 Food choice reasons

Cupcake or okra? We’re designed to prefer certain foods, and dislike others – this helps keep the species alive. However, we’re designed with a certain amount of flexibility. Throughout our lives, we can learn to change our likes and dislikes. Bitter foods may be poisonous, slimy ones may contain bacteria, moldy foods may contain poisonous […]

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Physical / Health Reasons for Food Selections

August 14, 2009 Food choice reasons

Imagine there’s a food that most people can eat, such as peanuts, but it might potentially kill you. You’re going to keep a close eye out for it, and check everything you eat to make sure it’s not included. Most people don’t have such extreme reactions to food. However, if you believe that a food […]

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What Are Food Choices?

August 11, 2009 Food choice reasons

Everybody eats, but most people don’t eat everything. Even if someone says they eat everything, you’ll often find they avoid something – spinach, or organ meats, or insects, or smelly cheese. We’re going to take a look at what types of food preferences people have – what people eat, and don’t eat, and why. There […]

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