Choosing Foods Depending On Where You’re Eating

by Penny Hammond on September 23, 2009

in Food choice reasons

Sometimes you can be really picky and only eat certain foods that exactly meet your needs. Other times you might be willing to be less stringent in order to avoid going hungry, or to avoid spending an excessive amount of time checking every single detail about your food source.

There are people who will follow food recommendations very strictly at home, where they have full control over all the ingredients; but when they go out they follow “label” diets – for example, a vegetarian in a restaurant might not be so strict about whether the cheese in the dish they are eating contains rennet, which is an animal by-product. The people in the restaurant are unlikely to realize that this is important to some people, and the diner may not get a clear answer even if they asked about it.

Some other people might buy certain manufactured food or food from restaurants that follows their diet strictly, because someone else has gone to all the trouble needed to meet their requirements; but when getting foods on the fly they might not want to follow all those complex rules.

People may follow a diet or food recommendation socially – when they’re eating with other people, they’ll eat low fat or macrobiotic or whatever everyone else is eating, so they fit in. Even if they imply to everyone around them that they always do this, they might not be that strict if nobody from this group is watching. Overweight people are more likely to pick at their food or choose diet options in public because they are concerned that other people are judging them – even if they don’t overeat in private, they may still feel a stigma and be very careful about how they present their eating habits.

Do you have any food habits that are different depending on where you’re eating or who you’re eating with?

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